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7 Anime Dress Up Games To Play For Free (iOS & Android)

Hey, hey! Are you looking for a game where you can create a character as you wish and do what you want with this character? We have prepared you 6 anime dress up games to play for free! So, you are at the right place!

7 best anime dress up games

Have a look at the list we have prepared for you:

  • 1. Avatoon
  • 2. Chibi Doll/Maker – Avatar Creator
  • 3. Vlinder Princess: Dress up game
  • 4. Anime Avatar Creator: Make Your Own Avatar
  • 5. Anime Avatar maker
  • 6. Avatar Maker: Couple of Cats
  • 7. Star Idol: Animated 3D Avatar & Make Friends

Hurry up and scroll, these amazing, cute games are waiting for you to install!

1. Avatoon-anime dress up game

That was the article about 6 avatar creator games to play for free, we hope it was useful and you got what you wanted! And as a cherry on top, I wanted to mention Avatoon, Android and iOS. Just in case you want to join a great number of almost 40+mln people. We have already talked a lot about this app, check what tiktokers dress like their Avatoons!

avatoon tiktok dress up challenge
anime dress up games

2. Chibi Doll – Avatar Creator

There is no sweeter and cuter thing than this game. Every doll you create can be a clear imitation of you as an avatar or, one more new creation of yours as a doll dress-up game! Use your avatar for social networks, or just download wallpapers with the dolls you like the best. Besides, you can create new dolls every day! You can even become a designer!

As for the features you will get:

  • Full body customization from color to size
  • Clothes, accessories, wings and tails
  • Pets, backgrounds, stickers and speech balloons
  • Add your friends and family members

50+mln downloads and 4.3 Ratings! This Avatar Creator is so much fun and love in every creation!

Download for Android and iOS.

3. Vlinder Princess Dress up game

This game is really made for designers. Not only of clothes but hairstyle, makeup and accessories too! All game content is 100% free! If you want to be a character creator and avatar creator in gatcha games, chibi games or makeup games, this game is for you!

Five words: Anime. Cute. Design. Princess. Download!

As for the features:

  • Costumes, hairstyles, dresses, accessories
  • Makeup, blush, lipstick, hairstyle
  • Beautiful animation effects for some clothes
  • Princes’ room customization

Create your own princess and let a sailor moon always be with you!

10+mln downloads and 4.8 Ratings! This game firmly takes 2nd position in our list of 6 avatar creator games to play for free.

Download for Android and iOS.

4. Anime Avatar Creator: Make Your Own Avatar

Welcome dear Anime fans! Here is one more game for you! Recently, and, as well as before, Anime is hyping and trending! Join the trend and create your own Anime Avatar Character! Or more than one. Up to you! What will you get after installing?

  • Templates and combinations
  • Facial expressions, emotions, details, shapes and so on
  • Accessories and clothes
  • Different background to suit your look
  • Save it in a gallery or share it right away

There won’t be enough emojis, stickers or anything else to describe the feelings and features of this game! Get it and check it! 1+mln people already installed it and rated it as 3.8+!

Download for Android and iOS.

5. Anime Avatar maker

One more Anime Avatar Maker Game. But this one is a bit creepy and scary! Join the cute dark side! As well as in a previous game, we will get:

  • Accessories
  • Hairstyles
  • Clothes
  • Facial details
  • Horns, stitches
  • Decorations
  • Eyes with great animation!

You can also share your avatar with friends! After your avatar is completed, you can use it on any social platform! 1+mln users already made their choice and rated this game with 4.0 points! Join the lovely dark side!

Download for Android or iOS.

6. Avatar Maker: Couple of Cats

In case if you love cats, or you are just bored of standard avatar creator games, we have chosen this one to satisfy your needs. Introducing – cats, many of cats! Be sure, they have the same number of tools for customization! All features alike with human avatar creators – just cats, they make difference!

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got here:

  • The idea is that you draw two cats at once
  • Various settings for the cats
  • Customize eyes, mouth, color, add wings, outfits and so on
  • Share your cats’ avatars or set them as wallpapers
  • Accessories

There are 100.000+installs and 5 stars ratings! People, who downloaded the game, definitely enjoy it!

Have a try and maybe, you will like it too! Cats are cute, we all know that.

Download for Android. 

7. Star Idol: Animated 3D Avatar & Make Friends

And the last one for today is here. What is so special about this Avatar Creator Game that it is listed in the 7 best anime dress ujp games to play for free? Besides all the well-known us tools and features, there is another one, that is supposed to make your virtual life more sociable.

The point is that while playing, you can make new friends, build relationships, families, you can be whatever you want and with who you want. Star Idol gives you all tools and features, your imagination is the only limit. Some of the features are:

  • DIY outfits, that you can create and sell if you wish
  • Dance any dance you want to dance
  • Meet new friends
  • Moving to another universe, virtual life is also life!

1+ mln downloads with 4.2 ratings! A good beginning of a great way!

Download for Android and iOS.

People, who create, share, make friends, have fun and live a wonderful life, full of freedom, creativity, individuality, friendship and love!

Don’t have a good app, have a great one!

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