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5 Best Online Avatar Maker Sites, last updated on Jan 1, 2022

Welcome back, dear creators! Last time we spoke about the best free cartoon maker apps for Android and iOS. This time we don’t limit the scope of platforms where we can create. We go worldwide with the Internet. In the following article, we will cover the 5 best avatar maker sites online.

Why use an avatar?

What do we need these avatars for? Why not use real pictures? We need such services because time has changed a lot. The 21st century is totally on the Web. Nowadays, privacy and cybersecurity are the most important. There are many ways how to protect yourself against numerous online threats. One of them is avatar maker online websites. Let’s have a closer look at them and decide which ones deserve our time.

5 best free avatar maker online

1. Avataaars Generator

Online Avatar Maker

The first one is Avataars Generator. That is a really fun tool! Moreover, it is very useful, because it has a lot of ways of customizing your avatar online on the Website. You can choose between transparent or circle avatar style. Create your hairstyle, face, shapes of facial parts, clothes, color your hair and skin. Combine all that you want, I bet you won’t be disappointed!


  • Random choice of avatar
  • Lots of saving and sharing methods
  • Tones of customization ways


  • No preview function of styles
  • List of each feature could have more options
  • Avatar not always looks like you


Avataaars Generator is funny and easy, but its customization ability is minimal. With the you can customize your hair, eyebrows, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Color variants are available for the iris, hair, and skin. You can also choose clothes and a cool background! Useful, precise and cool tool!


  • Detailed customization
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Saving and sharing functions
  • Different languages of UI


Each feature could have more options

Avatars look alike

3. Powerpuff Yourself

Cartoon Network has created a way to build an avatar in the style of the popular cartoon called “Powerpuff Girls”! First, select skin color, eyes, mouth, hair, beard (optional) in the Self section. Then, go to Gear to select your clothes, glasses, an object in your hand, and a companion like a dog or an object. Once you’re done, AI will try to create a cool background. Next, complete a questionnaire about yourself and answer a short quiz. After those steps are done, the app will make a background accordingly.


  • Tones of customization options
  • Smart AI system
  • Personality and character customization
  • Objects and pets


  • Cartoon style
  • Not such a big choice of styles
  • A bit hard to understand the steps

4. South Park Avatar Creator

The cartoon has become the most viral and embraced the whole Internet. Now, true fans or amateurs of this masterpiece can come closer to the world of South Park. Almost everything is customizable here. Since this is an official avatar creator, you will get a lot of animations, create memes or use old ones. Feel free to make multiple avatars, download them and save them.


  • Real South Park here
  • Authentic characters
  • Various customization ways
  • Detailed adjustments
  • Unstoppable fun


  • Maybe will be clear only for fans
  • The animation could work faster

5. Ready Player Me

With Ready Player Me, you can build your own 3D-style avatar. You can upload your photo and let the system create a cool avatar for you. Or you can manually choose the bits you want to make in your own way. Full body or head and shoulders options are available here. This app doesn’t offer that many features, but you can change facial hair, hairstyle, and color. Also, you can add makeup, glasses, hats, clothes, masks and tattoos. Save in 3D or PNG format.


  • 3D as if a game character
  • Full body or head and shoulders
  • Looks quite realistic and true to life


  • Sometimes can work slow
  • Graphics quality is not stable
  • This app is quite hard for weak PCs
  • Minimal number of changeable features

Here we are at the end of the article. Thank you, dear creators, for your attention. Join us and subscribe to our news to stay updated about everything from the world of creation and imagination with Avatar Creator Apps! See you!

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