Create Full Body Character Free With Avatoon

Hello guys, this is the third post of user’s cool works! Last time, we show you 17 good examples about “How to make your full body avatar”. This time, let’s continue to have a look at fantastic works created by Avatoon fans. Avatoon fans create their full body cartoon character free with photo templates in Avatoon photo booth or with their own photo.

Avatoon is a free cartoon full body character maker. There exists 500+ cartoon stickers & emojis, poses, clothing and fantastic photo templates in Avatoon. After creating personal full body cartoon character, users can dress up their cartoon avatars in different style and make them what users want them to be.

Come to find if your great work is included! ?? If your work isn’t included this time, don’t worry! Tell us and we will put your work in our Blog post next time!

Now, it is time to take a look at these works of full body cartoon character! 

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2. p1ctures_girls

3. avatoon_clara

4. style_.d_.queen

5. blackbarbie9516

6. mo.okikiola


7. bel_avatons2

8. nrmrah

9. sidneet_ourheart

10. cremavatoon

11. princepawar__

12. blu.171