Is It Safe to Grant Avatoon “Full” Access?

As many avatar creator and character maker games becoming more and more popular around the world, a lot of users find that if they want to use these avatar maker games, such as Facebook Avatar, Avatoon, Zepeto, Bitmoji, they need to accept privacy policy at the beginning. Some users may be a little nervous about their personal privacy. So, is it safe to grant these Apps “Full” access? 

Is It Safe to Grant Avatoon “Full” Access?

The virtual world is a part of every day life now, no mistake. So it’s not a surprise that many users are looking to spice up their online discourse anyway possible. Emoji’s are nice and all, but they can get a bit stale. The same goes for stickers. That’s why lots of people have turned to Avatar creator apps, many of which allow users to also create personal stickers and emoji.  

Although the primary function of these apps is to create an avatar—an illustrated/animated digital mini-you —the fact that they also let you create your own stickers and emoji are also a big draw. Further, these apps, boast the ability to easily share this content from your phone’s own keyboard. There in lies some of the worry. 

1. Keyboard Access?

Keyboard apps are a dime a dozen. Designed for any purpose imaginable, keyboard apps are available on any mobile platform. If you want extra fonts, more GIFs, emoji, faster typing, swiping, extra colors, then keyboard apps are there for you. These avatar maker apps, in addition to their avatar function, also act something like keyboard apps. That is, they ask the dreaded question: Let Access to Keyboard? Or give Full Access?

This might turn off a lot of users. After all, who wants to use an app that has the potential for  and permission to measure every keystroke. But is this cause for concern, or is it simply necessary to use the app? Are you opening up a whole new world of memes and fun, or are you allowing your privacy to be invaded? Why ‘full access’?

Well, one reason these character maker apps require access is for the internet. Like almost all major apps, like Avatoon requires internet access in order to perform many of its functions. For example updating available templates and items for users. It also allows developers to repair any bugs that might arise. So this aspect alone is not necessarily nefarious. But there’s more. 

2.Camera Access

The other major privacy problem users might have, is that Avatoon also asks for camera permission. This one is a little more obvious. After all, Avatoon is supposedly a character creator app. Like most of these apps, Avatoon offers the option to automatically generate an avatar. Simply take a selfie with the app, and Avatoon sends you a cartoon likeness. So that’s what the camera access is for.

But is there any cause for concern? An app that has access to both what you type and what you look like? That’s pretty concerning. So lets look at what Avatoon actually collects.

3.Data Avatoon Collects

To see what Avatoon says it collects, we took a look at their terms and conditions and privacy policy. The answer, surprisingly, seems to be not a lot. Avatoon claims it does not store or collect user data. For facial data specifically, Avatoon claims that user photo’s submitted to generate an avatar are immediately upon the generation of the avatar and not stored anywhere. Likewise they state that they do not collect user information at all, let alone sell to third parties. This is a pleasant surprise, if true. 

Whether or not you believe, in this data driven world, Avatoon is truly avoiding collecting and selling user information is up to you. It’s always good to be skeptical. If you wish to be even more cautious while using Avatoon, they also offer the option to create a manual avatar. 

But if you want to use some of the newer, fresher, more exciting social media makers, it looks like there’s no way to avoid granting at least some access to the app. Who you choose to give that to, however, is the important question. 

Now, don’t you want to download Avatoon and create your first Avatoon cute avatar?

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