Is Avatoon Safe to Use?

Some of you might have heard of the popular character creator app – Avatoon. While it might sound fun, you might be nervous about using an App that can auto-generate an avatar of you. We’re going to explore if Avatoon is safe, and secure to use. 

What is Avatoon?

Avatoon is an app which can help users edit cartoon photo, make their own cartoon avatars, create personal cartoon emoji & stickers. This has made Avatoon very popular among teens and young adults, but also among older users. Avatoon is very user friendly. You can share your personal emoji & sticker, your own cartoon image with your friends and families easily. Avatoon is free-to-use and available for both IOS and Android, and an in-app purchase allows users to go premium and experience more items and features.

Avatar pictures made by Avatoon

Is Avatoon safe to use?

The answer is YES. Avatoon is quite safe to use. One of Avatoon’s key features is it’s “auto-generated” avatars, which are created using facial recognition software. Users just take a selfie and the app generates an avatar automatically. This might alarm some users, but looking at our privacy policy, we do not collect any user information, photo, and selfies are not stored after generating the user an avatar. If you’re still nervous, however, Avatoon does offer a “manual creation” feature that lets users create their avatar without uploading a selfie. 

If you have further concern, it’s a good way to check our privacy policy to understand the use of data.

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