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Best 10 NFT Discords For NFT Collectors & Artists 2022

Hi, crypto world! If you are looking for top NFT Discords to join, come in! We have them on the list! Do you want to be a part of any of these big NFT communities? Do you want to get useful information, benefits, and giveaways? Stay with us and get the best of the crypto world now! 

What is an NFT Discord?

What is the best NFT Discord?

  1. Space Warriors Club
  2. CryptoDragons
  3. Metalizards
  4. Metaverse Cool Cats
  5. Dope Heads NFT
  6. W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea
  7. r/NFT Community
  8. CryptoHub
  9. The Egg Society
  11. Tigee

How do I join an NFT discord?

What is an NFT Discord?

Discord is a messenger, that is mostly developed for games (streaming, following communities, uploading videos, and so on). 

Historically, around 90% of active NFT market users use Discord. 

If you launch your collection through Drop on your website, your main goal is to grow your community, that:

  • Will believe in you and your idea
  • Will love your project and your NFT art
  • Will buy your NFT
  • Will not sell NFTs for a quick Xxx boost

Following these statistics, we see that it will be useless to start selling your collections without having your Discord community or joining any other one. 

What is the best NFT Discord?

According to the data I found on the Internet this NFT Discord server has the biggest population of users. Around 195.328 members on Discord! This is the NFT Discord with the most members.

1. Space Warriors Club

There is a collection of 7.777 unique 3D NFTs, designed on Unreal Engine 5, stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted on IPFS. 

This is also the first community-built video game. 

Members who own a Space Warrior will have a right to vote to shape the Space Warrior’s Game using DAO. 

Become part of an exclusive community and discover a new world rich in benefits and utilities. 

Discord channel invitation link.

2. CryptoDragons

By joining this NFT Discord channel, you will get:

  • Up-to-date community;
  • Protected privacy;
  • Entertainment channel;
  • Dragon-language channel!? WOW!
  • “Work-in-process” channel to preview the pieces of art before they are released; Kind of fresh content comes to the best ones first, VIP, you know;
  • Choose some of the attributes of the NTFS;
  • Communication channels.

Discord link is here

3. Metalizards

We continue speaking about some crypto creatures and NFT Discords that have more than 100k people in their NFT communities. 

This time, we have lizards. Burnable NFT lizards. There are 4.4K metaverse ready collectibles NFT Lizards.

The key feature of these NFT lizards is that the holders can burn their Metalizards at any time and get the mint price sent to their wallets. 

Discord invitation link.

4. Metaverse Cool Cats

Many of us love cats. Kittens. And these are also cats. NFT cats! These guys are willing to bring as much as possible hand-drawn ultra-realistic metaverse avatars NFT cats to the whole world. Not only crypto. Sounds like a big plan. 

Join them, these creators are crazy ambitious and their cats are truly profitable. 

Discord channel invitation link

5. Dope Heads NFT

Relax, dude. Just chilling. These guys know how to make money and how to spend them. Nothing illegal here. No! Everything is fine. 

NFT’s for Artists, Musicians, and the Creative Mindset. This is the way they describe themselves. 

After you open the link I mentioned above and scroll to the end of the main page, you will find a lot of useful information about this NFT. 

To cut a long story short, these guys are highly motivated digitally talented artists who have come together to create unique, one-kind NFTs that reflect a new generation of critically thinking artists. 

So, if you are a go-getter, artist, musician, or creative thinker? You are at the right place to take alternative income and art to the next level. 

Discord channel invitation link

6. W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea

Here we are introducing a collection of 7777 NFT Sharks and 7777 Whales (Step Two) that are generated with 195 elements and textures. 

There are 6 to 11 character traits: background, Skin, Fin Accessories, Eyes, Teeth, Tattoos, Clothing (1&2), Neck Accessory, Head Accessory, Mouth Accessory, and so on. 

All sharks are of exceptional quality and fully 3D, but some are even much rare than others. 

Discord channel invitation link. 

7. r/NFT Community

A well-known Reddit also joined the NFT world. Their community is a gathering for those interested in Non-Fungible Tokens. Probably, exactly this NFT Discord for beginners will be the best choice. 

After checking their Q&A wall, you can see various questions posted by various users. This NFT community is active and useful. 

Both Discord channel and the community page are quite active! Join and stay tuned! Ask anything about NFTs and get the best answers here! 

8. CryptoHub

Are you a beginner? Or do you just want to know more all about Crypto and the latest news? This Discord is for you then! Top 1 in the active category. Now we will speak about 3 active NFT Discord

Join gem hunting, IDOs, staking, NFTs, trading, investing, and much more. All in a beginner-friendly atmosphere. You can also get free and simple guides about the cryptverse. 

Also, there are channels where upcoming NFT projects, NFT mints, new coin launches, low cap, gems, and airdrops are shared daily! 

Discord channel invitation link.

9. The Egg Society

There are 8.888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. There are more than 200 unique hand-drawn traits. 

After you own their NFT you will become a member of the community and get certain benefits, rights, and utilities. 

Utilities of the project: 

  • The Treasury – it will be seeded after the public sale with $500k and managed through the community voting format. You can decide the community’s future. 
  • Joining Metaverses like Sandbox, Voxel, Frogland’s New Pangea, House of Kibaa, etc.
  • If you own a 2D Egg you will get a free 3D Egg mint, which will be playable on their sandbox land.
  • Merch of clothes.
  • AirDrops for members (tokenized digital art). 

Discord channel invitation link. 


All previous NFT Discords were about joining the existing markets, somebody’s market. But this NFT Discord channel is about how to set up your Marketplace, API & Infrastructure! Suitable for NFT beginners! 

The platform is fresh and helpful! It can help celebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs, collectors, artists, and enterprises to start their own white-label NFT without hassle. 

Set up your store in under 2 minutes.


  • Easy to set up without IT knowledge.
  • White-label store on Marketplace.
  • Global Business to Business SaaS is available 24/7/365.
  • Completely customizable with many configurations.
  • Complete control and transparency.
  • And a lot more!

Discord channel invitation link.  

Besides above mentioned NFT Discords, there is one more! Cute, chilling, dangerous, passively aggressive, handsome, and crazy cool guy. Tiger. 

Hmmm! No, this can’t be just a tiger. 


Avatoon has launched its own NFT project Tigee, and welcome join the Discord server! 

Check out the Tigee by Avatoon’s server community on Discord – hang out with other Tigee friends and enjoy free voice and text chat.

How do I join an NFT Discord?

To join any NFT Discord, you need to have your Discord account first. That’s quite simple and easy. Just sign up by following the steps it will tell you. 

Usually and mostly, NFT Discords are free to join! 

If you feel like this article wasn’t informative enough, (shouldn’t be), check out Discord Street for more NFT Discords! 

That’s all, my dear crypto friends! The Future is CRYPTO!