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121 Cartoon Pic Ideas for DP Profile [Download FREE]

Are you on the lookout for a cool-looking cartoon pfp? Cartoon pic is an awesome way to express your personality to your peers! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 121 free cartoon profile pics for you to download.

What is a DP?

DP means Display Picture. It’s another way of referring to someone’s social media profile picture. If you use social media, it’s likely that you’ve updated your DP from time to time.

121 Cartoon pic of girl ideas [Download FREE]

9 cartoon pic boy

How to make a cartoon pfp by yourself?

If you’d like to create your own dp, you can download Avatoon on Google Play and App Store to give it a try now! We’ve also prepared you a step by step guide for this, check this blog: 5 Steps to Jazz Up Social Media with Aesthetic Cartoon pfp

  • 1. Get an cartoon maker app
  • 2. Use AI recognition/Create the characters by yourself 
  • 3. Adjust facial features & Dress up your character 
  • 4. Try out poses & Add backgrounds
  • 5. Cut the picture to fit the social media ratio

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