How to cartoonize a photo to get more likes on Instagram

Be honest, how many times do you ask yourself why I cannot get tons of likes in Instagram? How to cartoonize a photo? Relax, the answer is here, this guide will help you become a social media rock star. Check out our top 5 ideas of cartoonizing a photo to make your Instagram photos POP!

Top 5 ideas to get to make your Instagram photos POP!

1.Mix Cartoons with Real Photos


Ask yourself, how many selfies do you already have? I’m sure there are plenty, so how can we create new, fresh, and creative selfies? By using a cartoon avatar of yourself! This brings much needed variety to selfies and social media posts, while enabling you to explore artistic photos and filters in a like-generating way.

2.Use Manual Focus Control


Your camera has an auto-focus feature, which is acceptable when taking photos quickly on the spot, however when you are taking photos with a goal of high engagement, you should consider manually adjusting the focus. First of all, the default focus is designed for good but generic pictures. You want to be unique, to create unique content and to show that content in a unique way! So, take time to learn about manual focus adjustments.

3.Use Filters Gently

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Nobody likes a try hard. We have all seen the generic, oversaturated photos on a friend’s Instagram. Putting a different but still inappropriate filter on every single photo you take just makes you look desperate for attention. Instead consider using lighter, less obvious filters, many of which can leave a natural, unfiltered look on your photos.

4.Have a Sense of Humor 

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Adding awesome fun effects to your photos makes them more unique. Unique and stylish selfies and posts can get more likes and shares! Take this picture as an example, by adding the cakes and birthday hats the picture becomes warmer and more inviting. The entire emotion and mood of this post is changed, to become a potential viral star.

5.Center Photos Using a Grid Feature

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The difference between a centered photo and an almost centered photo can be massive, and while you notice it, it can be hard to articulate why a certain photo just looks less appealing. This trick can be especially useful for non-selfie content on social media, make sure you subject matter is centered directly. 

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