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How To Make Couple Cartoon (no drawing experience required)

Do not miss! #Cartoon is now trending on Instagram! Instead of normal couple pics, you can now post couple cartoon to spice up your page! Share loving moments with you bae or couple goals in case you are still available. 

Follow the steps to create your post today!

Step 1. Get an avatar maker app

There are many avatar maker apps on App Store. Here, we recommend Avatoon for you. Download from Google Play or App Store.

Step 2. Try AI recognition/Create the characters by yourself 

  • Use facial recognition or choose a photo from your gallery.
  • Or create manually and choose a gender to start.
  • Tap on the profile icon to create multiple characters!

Step 3. Adjust facial features & Dress up the characters 

  • Now you already have some basic avatars, you can adjust the appearance as you want, such as the skin tone, eye color and hairstyle.
  • Add makeups like lip color, eye shadow and eyebrows.
  • Try on all kinds of outfits and accessories on yourself and your BF/GF.

*Find more details in The Supreme Guide To Full Body Character Creator Apps.

Step 4. Add backgrounds & Create your poses

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