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How To Join Avatoon Dress Up Challenge On TikTok?

Hey creators! Avatoon is on TikTok now and we’ve started a dress-up challenge: dress like my Avatoon!! Recreate your Avatoon and let’s see if you’re catfishing! Join all the influencers and other tiktokers to share your look and groove! Use Avatoon to show off your style and promote your page!! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next TikTok star! Interested? Collaborate with Avatoon NOW!

1. Avatoon Dress Up Challenge on TikTok

Here are some videos for you to check!

How do you join #dresslikemyavatoon challenge?

If you don’t have Avatoon yet, you can download it for free on Android and iOS.

All you need to do is:

  • 1. Create your avatar
  • 2. Check your wardrobe
  • 3. Find the outfits in Avatoon (be sure, we have it)
  • 4. Go to TikTok, get the music, and make a small home-made fashion show
  • 5. Post the video, and don’t forget to add #dresslikemyavatoon and @avatoon_me to get featured!

How to create and dress up your avatoon

Click the link to get the best and quickest tutorial on how to make your avatar! For the sake of saving your precious time, I won’t write it here. There is one more thing I want to mention: you’ll have to create at least 1 or more styles for this TikTok video. The more styles and outfits you make, the more interesting and viral your video will be!

As it was mentioned, Avatoon is a free app! If you don’t have enough coins to buy new clothes, just take part in PK competitions! And, you can vote for others, check in every day, and watch some ads to get more coins. You may even win a PRO version!!

Don’t be shy! Try different combinations! You are free to create and experiment!

Avatoon and TikTok are open social platforms where everyone can express themselves, find new friends, communicate and live! Make your avatar and join the challenge now!!

Hype is still hot: fortune waits for no man!

Myriads of Avatoon outfits! We have sets, brands, styles!