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5 Free Avatar Emoji Apps For Android Users

If the conversation is getting boring, you might wanna use some funny emojis and memes to spice it up! We’ve collected the 5 best free emoji apps for you to easily custom hilarious avatar emoji stickers of your own! Pick one to give it a try!

What is Avatar Emoji Apps?

5 Free Avatar Emoji Apps For Android Users

Unlike the generic emojis on your phone, a virtual image of your own would definitely express your feelings and emotions better. Except for the Facebook avatar, there are plenty of avatar emoji apps both for Android and iOS users, which can help you to customize a cartoon avatar of yourself for use as emoji stickers in chat and comments. You can have personal emojis by personalizing your avatar’s face, hair, and clothes.

Best Free Emoji Apps for Android

1. Oblik AI – face app: face avatar, stickers, meme

5 Free Avatar Emoji Apps For Android Users

Oblik is a face app to make cool avatars based on your selfies. You can either upload a picture or take a photo. The next thing is to change the looks to make stickers look the way you want. You can use these stickers on messenger and other social media.

2. Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Cartoon Face, Emoji Maker

Avatoon offers AI recognition to make cartoon avatars looking just like you or make avatars of your friends! There are 1000+ custom options such as outfits, hairstyles, expressions and poses! The app will generate gif stickers of your avatars. Download Avatoon for free on Google Play or App Store!

3. Mirror – Emoji Maker & Avatar Maker 

Mirror comes in strong in the customization aspect. Like Avatoon, Mirror offers customization of the face and the ability to create stickers for any situation. You can choose the art style you prefer.

4. Face Cam | Face Emoji Avatar 

5 Free Avatar Emoji Apps For Android Users

This app helps you to create your own facemoji to express yourself. There is a great variety of expressions for you to choose to fit your style and personality. You can share your own emoji to build your identity on social media and impress others.

5. 3D Avatar Creator, emoji maker&keyboard | Bemoji 

Bemoji is another fun tool to create your own emoji. It provides tons of face characters and outfit options to make personal emojis and stickers. You can use them directly on the keyboard while chatting with your friends and families. 

How do you make an avatar emoji

We’ll show you how to make a personal avatar emoji using Avatoon as an example.

how to make funny WhatsApp stickers
  1. Download Avatoon on Google Play or App Store
  2. Create a cartoon avatar of yourself
  3. Customize every detail you can think of
  4. Save and share your customized stickers to the chats

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