How to create an avatar for Halloween with Halloween costume?

Halloween is a great opportunity to snap some sweet selfies to share and get massive likes and shares. However, it’s become so cliché to just wear a cute costume and grab a few pics with your friends. How can you make posts that really shine and dazzle friends and followers? How to create your own avatar with Halloween costume? Here, we prepare some Halloween costume cartoon images for you.

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1. The Prince and The Horseman

Avatoon’s hot new Halloween fashions are great for making any fall or Halloween pictures have that WOW factor. This fresh update delivers tons of costumes to celebrate this selfie-friendly holiday. Who says Halloween has to be scary? This Halloween, go for cute, fun, and hot. It’s sure to be a hit.

2.Devil Costume

Halloween Costume Devil costume 1

You don’t have to wait until October 31st to start posting cute pics! Fall officially begins on September 22nd this year. It’s a great time to post pictures with orange color pallets. Share some red or brown leaves, and of course anything with pumpkin spice. 

3. Policeman is also a good option

Halloween costume with police costume 1

Your pictures don’t have to be totally holiday themed. Just a fun picture of you and a friend in a costume can get a lot of likes and shares. Photos of food and drinks won’t get as far as they used to these days, the Insta-crowd is getting pickier! So add some pizzazz to your content, with a cool cartoon avatar that is a minature version of you!

4. Flower Fairy

Halloween costume with beautiful skirts

So CUTE! Classic angel and princess costumes shown here.

5. Princess Style

With such a rich variety of costumes to choose from, you can certainly find the perfect match for your unique style. It’s super easy to try new outfits and see what style you prefer. We’d all love to buy a million costumes to try on, but of course we can’t. So, get an app that gives you that power!

6.Emmmm… Dress like doctor?

Halloween costume with doctors costume 1

Doctors and nurses will likely be a hot costume this year, given the state of the world. Plus, if social distancing is still going, you can easily make a mask part of your costume, now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Avatoon has several options for these costumes in different body designs and color pallets. Also check out the predictions for coolest costume for 2020: Link to Other Article Here

Halloween costume with superman costume 1

More princess costumes and butterfly wings!

Have a hard time posing with your pooch? Editing yourself into a photo, cartoon mini-me style, makes it easy!

Dogs, cats, and other pets are always a gold-mine for getting a photo liked and shared. Humans just can’t resist! They are especially cute if they get a good Halloween costume. But please don’t force your pet to wear one if they hate it.

7. Maybe Tiger suit is also good!

Halloween costume with tiger costume 1


A cartoon avatar of yourself is also a great way to pull off an ironic costume. It’s good for a laugh to dress as something silly, like a stuffed animal, but do you really want to wear it all night? NO! It gets too hot and stuffy, especially if you decide to rip up the dance floor with your moves.

Check out a ton of adorable animal fashions, like the above. I’m not sure what it is exactly, the tail means it’s not a bear, the ears aren’t right for a cat, and the face is wrong for a dog. But whatever this animal onesie is, it is CU-TE!

8. Get something different?

Halloween costume with traditional costume 1

Guys, the ladies love a guy who is comfortable in his own skin. So, don’t be afraid to be goofy on Halloween! Wear a light-hearted costume to show your humor. Being a little bit cute on social media shows that you are mature, brave.

9. Festival costume not bad.

Halloween costume with traditional costume 2

Here we can see the amazing Mardi Gras costumes the set has! So festive, and that Bikini would look so good on you!

What’s great about using avatar editors to help make photos is you always capture a perfect smile. You don’t have to fret about pimples, out of place hairs, or a make up mishap. You easily get.

It’s also authentic. No one likes an over edited photo, but presenting a cartoon you is fun. Of course, in real life you aren’t 2-D and only 6 inches tall, but it’s still you!

Hallween costume with unicorn costume and beautiful skirts

Halloween is a time to be silly and light hearted. So don’t be afraid to go as a unicorn. Wear it with confidence!

It’s super easy to share avatars with friends in tons of cool poses. Get a group pic with everyone dabbing. Or record the journeys of your squad as you trick or treat this Halloween. Whatever you do, make your posts shine with Avatoon’s hot Halloween fashion!