Sweet mellow Tigee!

Tigee with a belly!

What is Tigee?

Tigee is a community driven NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of 499 Tigees. Every Tigee has a soft belly and they’re on their journey to explore the metaverse and make friends along the way.

Tigees have a variety of hairstyles, faces, and accessories. Some of them have music dreams! Each Tigee is unique but Tigees that can play the guitar are the coolest!

Tigee NFT by Avatoon

Why buy a Tigee?

By buying a Tigee, you join a community of 499 other Tigee friends and get a furry PFP! Holding a Tigee means you will actually help grow this project and build the future of Tigee community and brand. This project is created based on the idea of community driven and DAO. We put the community first and listen to every Tigee holder’s voice. You’ll contribute to and help determine our project’s future steps like Tigee 2.0, partnerships with artists and brands, joining charity events, metaverse takeovers and much more!


Every Tigee has the same belly but no two are alike!

Tigees like to comb their fur and style themselves! They appreciate how they look and would love to share a belly picture with friends! You’ll see them in various hairstyles, accessories and emotions!

The Tigeemap

Phase 1:

  1. Website + community launch: New Tigee page launches in Avatoon website, with Twitter and Discord server established for later announcement.
  2. Tigee Launch: 499 Tigees are on their way to make more friends, available on Opensea!
  3. Tigee giveaway: Exciting events & upcoming giveaways and whitelisting on Twitter and Discord
  4. banner & animated airdrop: Tigee holders will get a free animated Tigee version of each Tigee they hold!

Phase 2:

  1. Tigee X V1: Collaborations with artists and brands TBD by Tigee team.
  2. New Tigee’s website launch!
  3. Charity event: We love Tigee and all the other furry friends! Join our cause of wildlife protection!
  4. Tigee Merch Launch!

Phase 3:

  1. Launch of Tigee 2.0 (name to be determined)
  2. Tigee X V2: Collaborations with artists and brands TBD by Tigee team.
  3. Tigee Voting: Vote to determine the next generation Tigee and upcoming event.
  4. 3D Tigee for Metaverse: Together with all Tigee holders, we’ll look into Metaverse and find our community the best place to take over!

Tigee Team