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Want to turn yourself into a cartoon? Here are examples!

Hey guys! Have you wondered how to create your own avatars and turn yourself into a cartoon!

Here are some fantastic works and all of them are created by Avatooners on Instagram! Could you find your own work in our collection? If not, don’t worry! Tag us and we will put your work in our Blog post next time!!

Best Avatoon UGC in November

Christmas is around the corner, we’re looking forward some festive post with your creativity. Tag us on IG to get featured!

Also Avatoon is on TikTok now, see how TikTokers boost their videos with Avatoon!

How To Cartoon Yourself

  • Step 1. Get an cartoon app
  • Step 2. Choose a picture on your phone
  • Step 3. Custom your avatar in detail
  • Step 4. Style your avatar  
  • Step 5. Choose expressions & poses

Click this article to get a detailed guide on How to make an avatar that looks like me?

Don’t you want to get yours? Download Avatoon on Google Play or download it on App Store. Start your Avatoon journey now!

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