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discord emojis pack - moody Aoi


Emo Aoi emotes to use on your Twitch 

discord emojis pack - cute anime pic


Cute and crazy chibi avatar for Twitch

Cute cat discord emojis pack


lovable white cat emotes for Twitch


Where to use my custom Twitch emotes?

What is Twitch?

Twitch is service provided mainly for interactive livestreaming on content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more.

Twitch badges

What are Twitch badges ?

When someone subscribes to your channel, they will receive a subscriber chat badge, a little icon that appears next to their name when they engage in the chat.

As your subscribers spend more time watching your channel, they’ll hit milestones with upper-level badges. 

How to get badges on Twitch?

To get sub badges you should become a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner. These programs reward content creators with many perks, including emotes and sub badges. 

How to get my own Twitch badges for my subscribers?

 With our service, you can customize your own badges for your subscriber. Spice up your channel. 

Twitch Emotes

What is Twitch emotes?

Twitch emotes are small emoji-like icons that can be used in any Twitch streamer’s chat room

How to make custom Twitch emotes?

With our service, you can have custom emote packs that are made to order

How to add custom Twitch emotes?

To add emotes on Twitch, first make sure that you have qualified as a Partner or Affiliate streamer.

Then, on your channel settings on the left sidebar, select Viewer Rewards > Emotes > Subscriber Emotes. Click the + icon on your chosen tier to upload your emote files.

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