About Avatoon

Many people are interested in creating artistic cartoon characters, or would like to draw cartoon pictures. However, not everyone has quite the right skills, or time, to draw content on their own. That’s why we created Avatoon – An application to help users create their own avatar, and edit their cartoon photos, without any drawing or painting skills. Avatoon is a “Face Emoji Maker & Avatar Creator & Cartoon Photo Editor” available for both IOS and Android. That might seem like a lot, but actually Avatoon doesn’t stop there.

Maybe you don’t know how to express yourself properly, or you’re too shy to create the content you want. Maybe you don’t want to post selfies all over the internet. Well, what if there was a ‘cartoon you’ released into the real world? What would you do without limitations? Avatoon lets you answer this question. Create a mini cartoon you that shows off your unique style and personality. With Avatoon you can put your cartoon avatar into photos and share this cartoon photo with friends, family and followers. Create stickers, emoji and more, all featuring your avatar. All this can be done with Avatoon.

You don’t have to struggle with a clunky confusing interface. Avatoon makes things easy. Enjoy the time you spend to edit your own cartoon pictures and real life content. Attract followers via your creative cartoon avatar pics, and build your influence. Become who you’ve always wanted to be, with Avatoon, and your world will become what you want it to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

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