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Frequently Asked Question

The site provides many easy-to-use templates that will enable you to choose from various facial features, add text, incorporate multiple special effects, etc.
  1. Use avatars on your classroom rules bulletin board.
  2. Have students put avatars with their nametags on their desks.
  3. Use avatars on class charts for behavior to create cooperative learning groups and other management needs.
  4. Add an avatar of yourself to your class website to greet families as they arrive at the site.
  5. Use avatars to teach adjectives (describing the avatar or the person the avatar represents).
  6. Include avatars in digital stories that students write.
  7. Create an avatar to use in your newsletters or class emails.
  8. Students can create avatars representing characters in a story that they read.
  9. Challenge students to create avatars (with stories) to demonstrate their understanding of a character from history.
  10. Have your students create avatars (with no names) and use these as back-to-school introductions or as a “guess who” activity during student introductions.