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Frequently Asked Question

With Avatoon Avatar Maker, you can create a character of yourself in a simple and stylish way, choose among the different customization options, such as color, change hairstyles, hats, glasses, mouth, eyes, clothes and more.

Anyone can now create free digital avatars free using Avatoon free online avatar maker. Just few click and mismatch your avatar style. The Avatoon Avatarmaker is 100% free to create and to download.

  1. Launch Avatoon Avatar Page
  2. Personalize your design by clicking on the hamburger button
  3. Have fun mix-match the skin tones, hairstyles, tatoos etc,. 
  4. Please refer to our Avatoon Avatar App for more info. 

The cartoon avatar maker is 100% free to create and to download.

Create a full-body avatar within 3 steps
  1. Choose a full-body avatar creator. Visit full body avatar maker on your laptop or mobile phone. 
  2. Take a selfie. You have the option to take a photo or upload one. …
  3. Customize your personal full-body avatar. You’ve created a full-body avatar. 
  1. Avatoon offer both online avatar maker tool and avatar 
  2. FlipaClip is a cartoon maker application developed by Visual Blasters LLC for both Android and iOS users. …
  3. PicsArt Animator PicsArt Animator is an easy-to-use and powerful cartoon maker.