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Create Vtuber Maker with our simple to use vtuber avatar maker– it’s 100% free and no sign up required. 

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Frequently Asked Question

VTuber is a shorter way of saying virtual YouTuber. VTubers use a computer-generated avatar in videos, rather than showing their face. They usually choose to remain anonymous, hiding their real identity behind their avatar.

This can be done with Avatoon Vtuber Avatar maker. 

  1. Launch the Avatar maker tool 
  2. Select the element you’d like, have fun with it. 
  3. Export to use on YouTube. 

The Vtuber avatar maker is 100% free to create and to download.

The common method for animating a Vtuber’s avatar is to use a webcam and software to record the streamer’s movements, facial expressions, and mouth movements and translate these to a two- or three-dimensional model.