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Brahms Heelshire

Brahms Heelshire



Brahms Heelshire is the titular main antagonist of the 2016 psychological horror thriller film The Boy and the unseen overarching antagonist in its 2020 sequel Brahms: The Boy II.


He was the son of a wealthy family called the Heelshires, and was also a serial killer.

He was a sociopathic child who was friends with a young girl named Emily Cribbs. When Brahms was 8 years old, he and Emily wandered into the woods by themselves, where it is assumed Brahms killed her by smashing her head in. After which, he started a fire so as to fake his death and avoid punishment, which resulted in his face becoming horribly burned and scarred.

To protect their son, the Heelshires hid Brahms away in the walls of their mansion and had him declared dead, so that no one could find him. Brahms then began wearing a porcelain doll-like mask so as to hide his mutilated face.

His parents, who by then had grown exhausted, and likely aware they could not care for him forever, hired countless nannies throughout his young adulthood in an attempt to find someone to care for him. However, none of the nannies met his standards. Whether they were killed by Brahms or fired by the Heelshires is unknown. Eventually, Greta Evans applied for the job and was hired, as she was much younger than the other nannies and prospects.


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Frequently Asked Question

In order to keep their son safe, the Heelshires had Brahms declared legally dead and hidden within their mansion’s walls. This way, no one could find Brahms. Then Brahms started covering his disfigured face with a porcelain doll-like mask.

The real antagonist of the movie was Brahms Heelshire, who instead of truly dying spent decades hiding in the walls of his family’s house and living vicariously through the porcelain toy.

He asks for a good night kiss, which she begrudgingly accepts. Brahms then tries to pull Greta in and make out with her, at which point she stabs him. Brahms then gets out of the bed and attempts to strangle her. Greta stabs Brahms further until he lets go and drops to the floor, the stabs presumably killing Brahms.

Because Brahms, who evidently watched Greta and Malcolm make out earlier, loves Greta (in his own way). Although Brahms was obviously envious (which is why he began playing the music), he presumably understood that the affection and love they displayed while making out was sincere, whereas Cole was a violent jerk.