After school lessons for unripe apples

after school lessons for unripe apples



After school lessons for unripe apples is about a normal middle school girl trying to survive school. She likes reading comics, the pop group “The Fire Boys”, and karaoke. One day, a boy she used to know transfers to her school and begins to stir up trouble. No matter what she does, it seems he just doesn’t appreciate her efforts to get to know him. What’s up with that?

Main characters 

Mi-ae Hwan

Mi-ae Hwang is a student who attends Baekje Middle School. Most days, she juggles her strict home life studying as a busy examinee and ignoring school bullies who pick on her. In her spare time, she finds fun hobbies for herself, like reading romance manga and comic books. Mi-ae loves to wish on airplanes late at night too. Sometimes she holds up two fingers in the air to make a peace sign before snapping a shot of aircrafts high in the sky. If she’s in her bedroom, she watches airplanes fly by through her binoculars instead.

Cheol Kim

Cheol Kim is a transfer student who attends Baekje Middle School. Nicknamed “Lucifer,” he has a striking resemblance to a fictional character due to a scar underneath his right eye and his towering height. Cheol is plagued with an infamous reputation after rumors spread that he beat up a kid at his old school. Fear floods through his peers on what he might do next, but counter to all expectations, all he ever does is study. This causes students to add “Repentant Lucifer” to his title. Initially, he doesn’t care if he comes across as rude, and in some cases choosing to be threatening so people can stop bothering him. Yet he is far from the violent gangster his classmates and teachers make him out to be; in reality, he is simply a teenager who fought with the wrong person that resulted in problems for himself and his family.

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Frequently Asked Question

If you’re wondering how much, up to these 57 chapters (official translation), we’re still attempting to calm the ML down about the idea of a “friendship.”

It contains some romantic cliches, but they serve more as a homage to that genre than as the framework around which the tale or characters are developed.

Appearance. Mi-ae Hwang, a 16-year-old woman, is about 5’1″ or 155 cm tall [All character heights are disputed.

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