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Carefully selected luggage stickers by our editor. Decorate your luggage the way you want by yourself.

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 Very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our stickers shop.

You can find pastel, glitter, floral, vintage, gold, nature, and solid color washi tapes.

What’s better than shiny? Holographic shiny!  Range of holographic sticker options

Check out our clear stickers selection for the very best in unique or custom sticker sets.

Avatoon FAQ

Always leave spaces between stickers while adhering them to luggage. The stickers will look cluttered if there is not enough space between them. Maintaining a fair distance between stickers will help the suitcase’s decoration make more sense spatially. Place various stickers on a regular basis.

The best glue for permanently adhering stickers to plastic is decoupage glue. In that it starts off opaque and dries transparent, this kind of adhesive is comparable to white glue. It functions like an adhesive and sealant, but is stronger.

Travel became a destination in and of itself because of the extensive travel hours of the time; individuals would dress to the nines and just “enjoy the journey.” Hotels created luggage stickers or travel stickers as promotional items so that guests may display their travels.

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