30 Fun and Creative Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Couple Photoshooting Ideas

Your relationship and the whole camaraderie you share is always an exciting time for both you and your partner. Naturally, you want a couple photoshoot to commemorate the love and affection that you feel for your partner. As the special day in the calendar draws near, couple photography can allow you to capture the passion.

Couple maternity photoshoot ideas

The feeling of becoming parents is one of the greatest joys of life. Likewise, a mother’s body goes through some amazing transformations during pregnancy that is worth documenting. After all, it’s not always that you have another living being growing inside of you.

  1. Hold Your Hands
  2. Have Your Pet in the Shot
  3. Shoot With Some Kids’ Accessories
  4. Show Some Excitement
  5. Shoot a Silhouette Couple Maternity Photo
  6. Include the Sibling(s)
  7. Lean On Each Other
  8. Add Warmth to Your Maternity Photos
  9. Get Close to Each Other
  10. Hug From Behind
  11. Take a Swim
  12. Take Casual Maternity Photos
  13. Let the Dad Run the Chores
  14. Get the Detail Shots

Couple photoshoot ideas

As a portrait photographer, one of my favourite types of work is couples photography. Here are some tools and tricks I have learned along the way about couple poses, plus 30 great sample poses to try.

These photography tips will help you guide your couples in your next portrait photo shoot.

  1. “Fifty” Birthday Candles
  2. Balloon Arch Kit 50th Birthday
  3. Cutting a Birthday Cake
  4. To the nature, In the Garden
  5. Candid Images with Family
  6. Capture Moments with Friends
  7. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Funny
  8. Capture Your Vacations
  9. Beautiful Images with Flowers

Funny couple photoshoot

Certain people really are meant for each other because they’re probably not meant for anybody else on this planet.

These couples are the lucky ones, who found their better half and weren’t afraid to take funny pics with them.


We’re sure that you must’ve found a ton of creative and fun couple maternity photoshoot ideas in this post. While trying each and every one of these ideas may not be possible, be sure to try the ones that you feel comfortable with.

Also, since a photoshoot can feel stressful, especially to the pregnant mom, it is highly recommended that you take things nice and slow. Good luck and congratulations on the changes you’ll soon be facing in your lives!

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