5 Most Easy-to-Use App to Cartoon a Picture (2022)

The rise of social media apps has been just phenomenal when it comes to the merging of the art world with the real. And now you have tons of options for cartooning your life. Are you searching for an app to turn picture into a cartoon? So, read on to see the 5 best apps to cartoon a picture, that will let you create content that truly stands out.

Best free app to cartoon a picture

1. Cartoon Photo Editor

This first app is an absolutely fantastic option if you aren’t looking for anything to fancy. I’m positive that it will meet at least some of your expectations. Obviously, from the title, it gets right to the point. And who doesn’t love that? Sure, there are rumors it’s not got as much as you might hope for, but really, I think it’s great if you don’t want anything too fancy. And who does when it comes to art?

2. Avatoon

Japanese cartoon character maker Avatoon screenshot

Probably the most versatile app on this list, Avatoon has a lot to recommend it. Unlike most of the other apps on this list, Avatoon does more than just filter your pic. It creates an actual cartoon avatar. You can create it manually, or just use the selfie option. You can even put your avatar into different poses and insert your avatoon into real-life photos! This is my Space Jam dreams come true! Me as a cartoon. 

3. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

Well isn’t this one just charming! I mean, who could ask for more? Well, maybe if you prefer a more stylized version. But this is awesome if you don’t want to get bogged down using any of the more versatile photo apps. I mean they can be confusing. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? No, not at all. Still, the style is less cartoon and more expressionist.  So pretty good-looking, but check and see if you’re into the style first. 

4. Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art

Another great option. This app is super cute and does the exact same thing as the others. It’s a fun stand-alone filter app, and with 4.2 ratings it seems to be doing the trick. No shame in using this one, they are definitely aiming for accessibility. And who doesn’t love accessibility? If you want more options you might want to look elsewhere, but if all you want is a camera app, this one is for you. 

5. Camart – Cartoon Photo

Well, this one is much like the others, but its goal is definitely more art than cartoon fun. Think Van Gogh. If that’s your scene go for it. Once again the app acts as a standalone pic filter and that’s totally fine. You do you, but if you want a bit more go for a more comprehensive app like Avatoon. 

Whatever app you choose, remember to consider your needs. Any of these apps are fine if you just want cartoon effect, but if you want more it might be best to go with a more comprehensive app, that offers more for your (free) dollar. No matter what, have fun with it! That’s the cartoon way. Also if you’d like to edit online, check 7 Best Picture To Cartoon Converter Sites (Online).

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