6 best “Avatar” alternatives for you here!

Some of you may heard heard of Facebook Avatars, and thinking about making avatars belonging to you and join this hot new Avatar Trend. However, those who don’t use Facebook or cannot access to Facebook Avatars may feel left out. Or maybe you would prefer to use an app from another company, with Facebook’s recent controversies. If you really want to create your own avatars and your personal emojis, why not try other Apps? Honestly, there exists some great Facebook avatar alternatives for making your own avatars for free. 

Before we go, why not download Avatoon – Your personal avatar creator & emoji maker on Google Play and download Avatoon on App Store first? Start your Avatoon Journey now! 

Top “Facebook Avatar Maker” alternatives

1.Face Cam – Personal Facemoji & Emoji Maker 

Face Cam is a 3D Personal Facemoji Maker offered by Nixi Corporation. You can use it to create your own facemoji to express yourself. Face Cam provides options from numbers of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, and more to make an avatar looks like you. You live in a three-dimensional world, and your avatars should not be limited to two dimensions. With Face Cam, you can shoot cool videos with plenty of lit and magical video filters. Sharing your Facemoji videos within iMessage, Snapchat, Instagram and many other social platforms will get more followers for you. This app’s 3-D style and video options help it to stand out in a crowded field of so many avatar apps.

In Google Play, Face Cam is rated for 3+. This means fans of any age can play this fantastic game to create an avatar for yourself and your friends. So far, Face Cam is installed more than 5M+ times in Google Play, and most reviews are good. It’s seems like a good app worth a try.

2. Avatoon – Cartoon yourself and your social life

Avatoon cartoon a mini you

Avatoon is one of my the best Facebook avatar alternatives. I recommend it not only because of its easy to use user interface or design style, but also because of the attitudes showed by its founding team to users. Now in Google Play, for review part, you could find Avatoon team members really care about user’s feedback. They reply to users every day, providing answers and doing their best to optimize Avatoon step-by-step. I really appreciate their patience and spirit. Making an app is no easy task, and you can see the Avatoon team really cares about their users.

Avatoon is an avatar-based platform. You can use it create your own personal avatar from a scanned photo (or manually via the avatar editor). Customize every detail you like. With Avatoon, you cannot only make a personal avatar just looks like you, but also can cartoon a mini you. After customizing every detail, from the haircut to clothing, this mini you can help you express your true self. No one should be alone in the world, nor should your Avatars. This mini cartoon you can connect to the world. Hang out with your BFFs and capture your moments. Avatoon captures the best out of you with numerous pre-set photo frames. Make your own version of memes and share them with friends!

Now, on Google Play and on App Store, Avatoon is installed more than 5M times. Its review get 4.7 score which is higher than other avatar maker Apps. Give it a try to express yourself better, today.

Download Avatoon on Google Play or download it on App Store.

Follow the guide below to get started and create your own avatar with Avatoon.

MORE INFO: How to create your own avatar step by step on Android

3. Mirror – Emoji Maker & Personal Avatar Creator

Mirror calls itself “the coolest meme and face maker app”, and comes with all the features of the previous ones. A well-integrated keyboard makes sharing the content on any social media a breeze. Tons of options mean you can spend hours on the app without getting bored. It comes with two fascinating art styles, classic and anime. Personally, I preferred the anime, as the classic was a bit bland, but still fun to play with. All of this combined with several hilarious meme formats make this app worthy of the number 3 spot on this list. 

Overall, just a well-done and easy to use app, the reason it isn’t higher for me than the previous, personally. But hey, don’t let that dissuade you! The whole point of these apps is to show who you truly are!

4. MojiPop – Personal Avatar & Emoji Maker

MojiPop comes with quite a different style than the previous apps. It’s far more realistic and less cartoonish. This means you have access to fewer silly features, like exaggerated eyes or gigantic ears, in exchange for a more genuine looking photo. Indeed, at a glance a few of the images look like photos taken with an unusual filter. The options can make getting tiny details pretty easy, but overall, it has a slightly smaller selection, and fewer options for wildly creative or truly surreal avatars. The app is easy to use and fills a niche in between a photograph and a cartoon.

It comes with facial scanning software, tons of customizable features, and of course a keyboard to share the images easily and effectively. With top tier features, this app is quite a joy to use. This very cool app that brings a fresh style to avatar maker apps, and is on iOS and Android.

5. AfroMoji – African Afro Emoji and Stickers

The struggle to find good black emoji is finally over! Afromoji is a great app that specializes in delivering the perfect emoji for those who might be frustrated when standard stickers don’t represent them well. A huge range of skin tones means that a person can find exactly what they want, without compromises. The wide range of hairstyles capture so many options that the typical apps leave out. The stickers also reflect things not seen on other apps, with many focusing on African American culture and celebrating it. The ease of adding it to your Android keyboard means the next a person wants to send a smiley, they can don’t have to tolerate being lumped into the generic emoji anymore.

In addition to being specialized, the app’s UI is sleek, and the features are well integrated. The emoji keyboard does a great job sharing with other apps. I really enjoyed trying this app out, you can tell the creators really care about this cause and did a great job delivering a great user experience. This free to use social networking app is a long overdue addition to the Google Play store.

6. Cute Avatar Maker – Make your own cute avatars

This app is probably the most unique of the Facebook avatar alternatives listed so far. The name says it all! Cute Avatar Maker differs from the others by focusing on being extremely cute, with a unique style likely inspired by anime and Japanese culture. This app strays from the others, which try create miniature versions of the user, instead letting you live a fantasy by showing off what you would look like in your wildest dreams. Try out a new set of adorably oversized eyes, change your hair to fantasticly impossible colors, or give yourself an irresistible pair of cat ears. Even if this style isn’t for you, you have to be impressed by the huge number of accessories available, and how creative they are.

Seriously, the amount of content is staggering, and there are some truly creative accessories to try out. There is just so much going on in the app, and all sorts of not often seen color palettes. This app is a must have for anyone hoping to be kawaii. 

If you are a Crunchy-Roll kind of person, this app might just be the one for you! Give it a try today, and check out some psychedelic hair colors!

And if you are a person who feels uncomfortable by data issues with Facebook and consider trying another app. Most apps are produced by small teams who put a lot of sweat and love into their products. So let’s celebrate them together.

That’s our list of the top 6 Facebook avatar maker alternatives! Let us know about your favorite avatar, sticker, or emoji maker apps in the comments below!

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